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•    Preparation of employment contracts and civil.
•    Preparation of paying payroll salary.
•    Completion of payment orders in the salaries of software.
•    Publishing and completion of work books.
•    Completion of insurance licenses.
•    Issuance of notifications under Article 62 (4) and chl.123 (1) of the Labor and declarations Model 1 and 6 of paper and magnetic media - monthly and annual.
•    Develop and maintain staff personal files.
•    Prepare the required package of documents for retirement.
•    Issuance of necessary documents upon termination of employment - Order for termination of employment, official notice of income, lowered - 2 and a Certificate of income for the preceding six months.
•    Preparation of official notes to obtain the child allowance from the respective regional branch of social security.
•    Preparation of official notes with requests for bank loans in the form set.
•    Completion of documents required for payment of cash benefits and grants from National Social Security Fund.
•    Maintain archive database on magnetic media.


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